Each transformative session with me is a deep dive into nurturance and empowerment for your body, heart and soul.


This is soul-centered, embodied, therapeutic healing that incorporates your whole being. And even though you may be struggling at times, I can see your Essence and I see your power, your beauty and your strength. It is your full Essence-Self, that will be transmitted back to you, throughout our session time. I am here to support you in your journey with tenderness, honor, presence and healing touch that will help bring you delightfully, blissfully....all the way... home. 



Nourishing Your Core Tranformational Sessions

A series of 6 sessions offering an array of body focused modalities and practices which awakens core vitality, strength, and resilience within you; helps you reconnnect with your inner power and innate sensual pleasure;  helps build trust in your body wisdom, and facilicates personal freedom through integrated embodiment.


Individual body work sessions

Intuitive body therapy, Easlan style massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC), Hot Stone, and Guided Meditations. 



Individual Services

Community Offerings

Monthly Half-Day Women's Retreats

This retreat is for women, to drop in and nourish themselves with body care, guided personal exploration and intimate sharing among a small circle of women.


Through explorations based in somatic embodiment, holistic pelvic care and therapeutic yoga, you’ll practice tools and techniques to help you discover a healthier, more integrated, self-loving, empowered and awakened sense of yourself.  


In a safely held container, you’ll meet yourself honestly around your body, your sexuality, your health, andthe current yearnings of your heart and soul.


Weekly Yoga Classes

As a teacher I bring compassionate presence, years of somatic education, functional Viniyoga training, playfulness and a reverence for Spirit to each and every class. I love helping women surprise themselves with new levels of ability, self connection and strength.


Movement as Medicine

A weekly group exploration of body and spirit well-being through yoga, guided self inquiry and facilitated free movement. Presented as part of Community Heals program at SoCoHA, Sonoma County.