In my mid-thirties, I experienced a debilitating spinal injury. I went from being a dancer, teacher and world traveler...to needing to learn to simply walk again. Over the next several years, I worked hard to heal - and to forgive my body for being the way it had become.


Breath and bodywork, somatic exploration, tantric, energetic and spiritual practices enabled me to re-connect with my body with conscious awareness and to develop a profound appreciation of the resources and life force that all of our bodies hold inside.  

My service to women is an outgrowth of what I've learned and am here to share it with you.

Who is Ashae?


I am a somatically oriented body therapist with over 20 years of experience and training, with a deep passion for nurturing the physical, emotional, and soul body. 


I have a private practice in Sebastopol and specialize in women's wellness and embodiment practices for soul-centered,
vibrantly-alive living.


A certified yoga instructor who loves working with mature beginners and those seeking a gentle compassionate practice. 


A pelvic floor health educator, teaching practices for increasing health, strength, vitality and pleasure.

Most recently trained in belly massage (Chi Nei Tsang) to cultivate great health through hands-on support to abdominal organs.


An experienced facilitator of creative expression through movement, voice,
and visual arts.






“Thanks for your love, encouragement, and the wide breath of your skills. I had a truly amazing healing experience.” J.H. visual artist
"Thank you so much for the belly touch. I felt out of pain for the first time in six months and I can finally enjoy being in my body again. Wonderful healing."
A.T. middle school teacher
"Wow, so nurturing! You helped me let go of my armouring and remember it is safe to be in this body."
B.W. business owner